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Precautions For Installing Air Filter

Time: 2019-04-11

With the air pollution problem more and more serious, junior high efficiency Air Filter in the industrial application is more and more common. However, if the installation is unreasonable, may cause junior high efficiency Air Filter filtration efficiency. Here are some precautions when installing:

1, the installation of Air Filter, be sure to follow the instructions to operate, the filter frame on the arrow on behalf of the direction of the air, in the installation, be sure to ensure that the arrow and the actual direction of the same air, if the need for vertical installation, then its The internal filter paper folds should be oriented perpendicular to the ground. In the installation, the galvanized mesh should be in the direction of the back of the outlet, and the bag Air Filter, the bag should be the length of the direction perpendicular to the ground.

2, if the Air Filter needs to be installed in the clean room, try not to use wood frame version, to prevent the breeding of bacteria, thus affecting the indoor air quality. The best choice of metal frame filter, and to have a good anti-corrosion ability. In the installation process, we must pay attention to the Air Filter and the seal between the frame, must ensure that tight, no leakage, so as to protect the equipment filtering effect. If the ambient temperature is high, use a high temperature Air Filter.

3, the Air Filter before installation, do not open the packaging bag or packaging film, so as to avoid damage to the equipment, and marked by the direction of storage on the box. In the handling process, to do lightly, to avoid the shock and collision, so that the Air Filter damage. For high efficiency filters, the installation direction of the pipe must be correct; in addition, the corrugated plate combination filter in the vertical installation, the corrugated board must be perpendicular to the ground.
 Affect the life of the Air Filter reasons, in addition to the advantages and disadvantages of the filter, there are two reasons:

First, the filter material in the filter area is too small or the capacity of the unit capacity of dust is too small;

Second, the filter efficiency of the pre-filter is low.

For the first reason, the use of large area of the filter significantly extend the service life, it is best to take this into account when the design, the project is completed after the transformation of the system to extend the life of the system to trouble.
For the second reason, you can adjust the filter efficiency of the Air Filter, the dust in the pre-filter outside the filter. For example, the end filter is F7, the use of G4 pre-filter when the end of the filter life is 3 months; switch to pre-F5 filter after the end of the filter life extended to six months. In the clean room, the value of the end of the high efficiency filter is not high, but the risk of replacement of the filter and the overhead will be high, and the replacement of the pre-filter without having to stop production, so experienced owners will focus on the money and money spent on pre-filter On the device.

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